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Love your Brows

Benefit is a beauty brand that aims to empower individuals to feel confident and beautiful.




Love your Brows


Videography, Photography

The “Love Your Brow” campaign was created to showcase the versatility of the brand and how it can be used by different people.

The campaign focused on highlighting the brand’s high-quality products and demonstrating how they can be used to create a range of looks. With its focus on diversity and inclusivity, the campaign successfully showcased Benefit’s commitment to empowering individuals to feel confident and beautiful.

The challenge for the “Love Your Brow” campaign was to shoot 6 different models, using a green screen and changing the background to make it seem as if they were in different stores around the world.

With over 130 deliverables, the team had to balance quantity and quality while maintaining the fun and quirky vibe of the brand in itself and we take pride in delivering on that promise.